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Recycled and Used Pallet Sales in Calgary

A quality reconditioned pallet provides the same function as a new pallet, but at a lower cost. Since our quality standards remain high on those we refurbish, many of these pallets have only been used once.

Used wooden pallets provide the obvious financial benefit, as well as the goodwill your company will receive from your green practices. A used pallet lessens the burden on forestry needs, promotes recycling and saves our limited landfill space for other refuse. We send nothing to the landfill if we can help it.

Reasons to Buy a Used Pallet 

Before you head to the nearest industrial supply store, you should really consider buying used pallet racking. All Pallet Inc. offers an extensive selection of used pallet racking and is Calgary’s number one choice for material handling equipment. Here’s why you should buy used pallets. 

  1. Trusted quality 
    With a used pallet, you already know that the product you’re purchasing lives up to its potential. You know that it’s been able to hold heavy inventory in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. 

  2. Saves time 
    With buying used pallet racking, you get it already assembled. This saves a bunch of your precious time and energy. 

  3. Saves money 
    An obvious benefit of buying used pallets is that they help you save money. Used and recycled pallet racking functions just the same way as a new racking and it costs only a fraction of the price. 

Types of Recycled/Used Pallets 

From a distance, pallets might all look the same: stacks and stacks of wooden structures with hollow centers and the occasional brown stain. However, up close, you will notice that no two pallets are alike. Ensuring that you select the correct pallets for your needs is vital for your business. This can help you maximize and protect your shipments, while making sure that they arrive at their intended destination while not costing you the world. 

  1. Grade A - Grade A recycled/used pallets may not have plugs (extra partial stringer) or companion stringers, but many times, they have plates. Structure wise, they may initially look like new. However, as the wood ages and oxidizes, these pallets start showing signs of discolouration and wear & tear.
  2. Grade B - Grade B recycled/used pallets contain plugs or companion stringers, as well as plates as required. You may see some stringer parts inserted to brace broken stringers. As a result, these pallets end up looking ‘patched up.’ Also, many of Grade B recycled/used pallets used to be Grade A pallets at one point. Hence, they are now older, more worn out, and come with more discoloration.

Why Choose Us? 

All Pallet Inc. offers recycled pallets in a variety of common and custom sizes to meet your every need. You will find truckload quantities of the most common sizes and grades are available for immediate shipment to many locations. We have state-of-the-art production capabilities allowing us to strictly adhere to industry specifications for used wood pallets.

To learn more about our used pallets in Calgary, give us a call today!

Heat Treatment Certified | Our heat-treated pallets are certified by the CWPCA

Heat Treatment Certified

Our heat-treated pallets are inspected for pests and are certified by the CWPCA

Need Pallets? | Same-day delivery, low cost and variety

Custom Pallets

We can manufacture and repair pallets to your exact specifications

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