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At All Pallet Inc., We Strive to Reduce Our Environmental Impact

All Pallet Inc. sends nothing to the landfill unless absolutely necessary. We recondition pallets that can be reused and sell that at a discounted price, and unusable old pallets are recycled.

Recycling and Reconditioning

First, our dismantling machine tears down the pallets that can’t be repaired so that we can recycle the lumber, which will be chipped for use elsewhere. Next, we cut the wood to sizes we can use on new orders, limiting the amount of new lumber we have to purchase. We pass on those savings to you!

Careful Inspection

Used, reconditioned pallets have been proven to perform as they were intended to. All Pallet hand sorts and visually inspects all used pallet prior to shipment to ensure that you’re getting the best quality pallet available.


Benefits of Reconditioned Pallets:

  • Minimize dependability on new forestry material
  • 30% cost savings when compared to new
  • Minimal lead time
  • Promote recycling
  • Structurally proven to perform as designed
  • Hand-sorted for defects by pallet specialists
  • Opportunity for marketing your company as “green”


Distribution Center and Warehouse Pallet Supply and Removal

Let us know at All Pallet if you are interested in buying reconditioned pallets or in using us to remove your own bulk used pallets for remanufacturing. We’ll come and remove them at no cost to you. Please note that this removal service is only available for large warehouses and distribution centers.

Heat Treatment Certified | Our heat-treated pallets are certified by the CWPCA

Heat Treatment Certified

Our heat-treated pallets are inspected for pests and are certified by the CWPCA

Need Pallets? | Same-day delivery, low cost and variety

Custom Pallets

We can manufacture and repair pallets to your exact specifications

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