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Wooden Pallet Recycling Company in Calgary

If you have used wooden pallets and do not know what to do with them, we are here to help you out. At All Pallet Inc., we want to make your life as convenient as possible while bettering the local environment around you. That’s why we offer recycled pallets around Calgary. 

Instead of throwing out or discarding the used wooden pallets, you can give them to us for recycling. Not only will this reduce the waste going into landfills, but it also helps in reusing products and materials that would otherwise go to waste.

Why do we recycle pallets? Simple! Recycled or refurbished pallets are typically the same level of quality as ones that haven’t been recycled, but they are less costly. They also allow us to be more environmentally friendly as we can help divert good lumber from wasting away in landfills. So when you recycle your pallets with us, you can relax with the knowledge that you are saving trees and caring for the environment.

As part of the recycling process your old pallets can turn into Grade 1 or Grade 2 recycled pallets. Grade 1 recycled pallets are ones that have been repaired to reach a pristine enough condition that it is comparable to a new pallet. And Grade 2 recycled pallets are ones that have a damaged stringer repaired by affixing a companion stringer to it.

Recycling used wooden pallets in Calgary reduces the hazardous environmental impact to a great extent. It also has multiple benefits like helping to

conserve natural resources such as water and timber that are used during the manufacturing process. By reducing the need to collect raw materials, recycling also helps to prevent pollution.

Contact Us Today 

For more information on our recycled pallets and related services, please contact us. We’d be happy to help you find whatever information you need. We also supply new pallets  in Calgary. Reach out to us at 403-471-3460.

Heat Treatment Certified | Our heat-treated pallets are certified by the CWPCA

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Save money and preserve the environment with our high-quality, recycled pallets

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We can manufacture and repair pallets to your exact specifications

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