Certified Heat-Treated Pallets in Calgary

Here at All Pallet Inc., our pallets are heat treated in a kiln to a minimum core temperature of 56-60 degrees C in order to kill any pests that may be living in the wood. When you purchase your pallets from All Pallet, you can rest easy knowing that they’re heat-treatment certified by the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Heat-treated certified

You’ll always find this stamp on our pallets, ensuring that they are safe for cross-border travel. For more information about our heat treatment certified pallets and other products, call All Pallet today.

Choose Green! | Save money and be green with quality used pallets

Choose Green!

Save money and preserve the environment with our high-quality, recycled pallets

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Custom Pallets

We can manufacture and repair pallets to your exact specifications

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