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Certified Heat-Treated Pallets in Calgary

All Pallet Inc. offers heat-treated pallets in Calgary. These pallets are heat treated in a kiln to a minimum core temperature of 56-60 degrees C in order to kill any pests that may be living in the wood. When you purchase your pallets from All Pallet, you can rest easy knowing that they’re heat-treatment certified by the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Heat-treated certified

You’ll always find this stamp on our pallets, ensuring that they are safe for cross-border travel. For more information about our heat treatment certified pallets and other products, call All Pallet today.

Why Use Heat Treated Pallets?

Heat treated pallets are required for all wood packaging materials used in international shipments.

Some other reasons why you should invest in heat treated pallets are:

  • Export Compliance: Heat-treating causes wood to become more resistant to water, mould and bacteria, eventually making it less prone to pest infestation. Heat-treated pallets are mandatory for exports in order to reduce the risk of pest infestation.
  • Reduced weight:  Heat treatment takes the moisture out of new wood, which lightens the pallet, resulting in lower fuel consumption during transportation.
  • Lower risk of bacterial growth: Wood is a porous material absorbs moisture, which makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. This can result in product contamination and load rejection due to unsanitary conditions. Heat-treating causes wood to become more resistant to water, mould and bacteria.

Get in touch with us if you are looking for heat-treated pallets in Calgary.


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Choose Green!

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