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New Wooden Pallets Manufacturer in Calgary

All Pallet Inc. assembles new pallets to your exact specifications when you describe your pallet needs and load-carrying requirements. We’ll design the pallet board configuration, specify the wood species requirements to handle the load and determine the exact load-carrying capability. Your order is then stacked and made ready for loading into trailers for delivery of the pallets in Calgary. To get started on your order, give us a call today!

Make the movement of your goods and materials easy from one place to another using new wooden pallets in Calgary. Our Calgary shop offers heat-treatment to inspect and certify that all our pallets are pest-free. 

With our advanced technology, we ensure that all our customers are satisfied with our products and services.

If you want to recycle the wooden pallets in Calgary, we make that process convenient too. To conserve the environment,
we pick used wooden pallets for recycling to reduce the number of resources used in our production cycle while still delivering great pallets.


Contact Us Today


Get new wooden pallets in Calgary within your budget from All Pallet Inc. by contacting us today.

Choose Green! | Save money and be green with quality used pallets

Choose Green!

Save money and preserve the environment with our high-quality, recycled pallets

Heat Treatment Certified | Our heat-treated pallets are certified by the CWPCA

Heat Treatment Certified

Our heat-treated pallets are inspected for pests and are certified by the CWPCA

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