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About Us - Wooden Pallets and Skids in Calgary

What makes All Pallet Inc. different from other pallet and skid companies in the Southern Alberta area? It’s our personal attention to your needs. If you’re not sure quite what you need in Pallets and wooden skids in Calgary, our small but expanding company will work with you to determine customized parameters. Our team of professionals will ensure that your needs are met.


Family-Owned and Green!

All Pallet Inc. has been family-owned and operated since we began operation in 2006, and our company reflects our belief that we should all protect and preserve the Earth’s natural resources. We’re also doing our part by always recycling and remanufacturing pallets as needed. Give us a call today to learn more!


Products We Offer

A wooden pallet is a structural foundation of a unit load which allows storage efficiencies. A skid, on the other hand, is a single deck loading platform which lacks a bottom deck. At All Pallet Inc., we offer a wide range of products such as:

New Pallets
Custom Pallets
Recycled/ Used Pallets

If you are looking for a specific kind of pallet, speak to our team of knowledgeable workers. They are ready to help you find the right pallets and skids according to your needs.


Same Day Service Available

Although we’re not a large company here at All Pallet Inc., we pride ourselves on using the most advanced manufacturing technology to meet your deadlines and budgets. We’re determined to satisfy our customers 100%! We don’t wait for days to deliver your product like other companies do – All pallet Inc. delivers on time, every time. We even offer same day service.


Give Us a Call Today

We are proud to offer pallets that are heat treated and free of pests. When you purchase any pallet or wooden skid in Calgary from us, you can rest
assured about the quality. If you are interested in buying reconditioned pallets or want to send used pallets for remanufacturing, give us a call today! You can also fill our online form for any concerns or queries.

Choose Green! | Save money and be green with quality used pallets

Choose Green!

Save money and preserve the environment with our high-quality, recycled pallets

Need Pallets? | Same-day delivery, low cost and variety

Custom Pallets

We can manufacture and repair pallets to your exact specifications

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